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Published on Friday, January 27, 2017

Proposal linking annual property tax increases to inflation and population growth introduced

Last week a bi-partisan proposal to lift the 1percent cap on annual property tax increases was introduced in the House, HB 1764. A coalition led by the counties and including cities, labor organizations, fire fighters, law enforcement, public health, and human services is seeking a new annual limit tied to inflation and population growth. The proposal ensures that the authorized annual increase never falls below 1 percent or rises above 5 percent.

AWC and other coalition members are very appreciative of the bi-partisan group of legislators sponsoring this bill, including prime sponsors Rep. Kristine Lytton (D-Anacortes) and Rep. John Koster (R-Arlington).

We expect the House proposal to be heard in the next few weeks and a companion to be introduced in the Senate.

Categories: Budget & finance