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Published on Friday, May 20, 2016

DOC wants you to know about a public records injunction against an inmate

The Department of Corrections (DOC) has obtained an injunction against inmate David Troupe, DOC 765714, under RCW 42.56.565. DOC has been to court on multiple occasions to obtain multiple injunctions against Mr. Troupe. Most recently in October 2014 the Court granted an injunction that prohibits Mr. Troupe, absent prior court approval, from requesting, inspecting, copying, or receiving public records from any state or local agency pursuant to the Public Records Act. In recent months, Mr. Troupe has been again attempting to circumvent this injunction by requesting records from local government agencies. DOC wants to make sure local agencies are aware that a response to any of Troupe’s public records request is prohibited and asks that agencies make the Department aware of his attempts to violate the injunction.

This injunction applies to Mr. Troupe for the duration of his incarceration (approximately 2020). A copy of this injunction can be found here for your reference. This injunction was based on Mr. Troupe’s long history of using the PRA to gather personal information regarding Department staff and then using that information to harass and intimidate staff. Additionally, Mr. Troupe can be held in contempt for violating this injunction. If your agency receives or becomes aware of any public records requests made by Mr. Troupe, please notify the Department’s Public Records Officer by emailing docpdu@doc1.wa.gov or (360) 725-8854.

This order also prevents Mr. Troupe from requesting, soliciting or directing others to request information that he is barred from receiving. An individual who knows about the order and assists or participates in a violation of the order can also be held in contempt. This provision was included because Mr. Troupe has a significant history of trying to use family members to circumvent the court’s orders. In the past, Troupe has used fictitious names, family, and friends to attempt to get records that he was barred from receiving. These requests came from two addresses associated with his family:

23113 146th Ave. Ct. E.
Graham, WA 98338

1135 21st St SE
Auburn, WA 98002

If your agency receives requests from either of these addresses or Mr. Troupe himself, the Department would appreciate notification of such requests so that it can determine what action, if any, it will take related to such requests.

Categories: Open government