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Published on Friday, February 19, 2016

Relicensing bills move, House version will need amendment in Senate

SB 6360/HB 2659, Sen. Steve O’Ban (R-University Place) and Rep. Laurie Jinkins (D-Tacoma), would create a statewide relicensing program for drivers whose licenses have been suspended for delinquent fines. The legislation would set up a system where drivers could consolidate their fines into a simple and affordable payment plan. To read about the bill and its history in more depth see this previous Bulletin article.

Both bills successfully advanced by the cutoff deadline of February 17 and are still alive.

AWC has expressed concerns with the underlying bills, specifically around who develops the payment system plan. AWC would prefer a workgroup convened by the Attorney General’s Office to develop the plan. The Senate version, SB 6360, was amended to reflect this. AWC has expressed our support of this change. The House version, HB 2659, was not amended in the same way. As it moves to the Senate for consideration, AWC will be asking to amend the legislation to reflect the Senate companion. AWC believes these changes would allow us to better participate in the development process.