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Published on Friday, February 12, 2016

State budget update

With the 2016 legislative session more than half over, you may have noticed that we haven’t seen a supplemental budget proposal since the Governor released his in the middle of December. The Legislature needs to pass a supplemental budget before they adjourn on Thursday, March 10.

Those of us in Olympia are not panicking. The Legislature is following its normal course this year – as least in terms of adopting a supplemental budget. Here’s what’s going on.

Budget writers want to make sure they know exactly how many dollars they have before releasing a proposal, and in even numbered years like 2016, a new revenue forecast is released in February. This year, the state’s Economic and Revenue Forecast Council will release that forecast on Wednesday, February 17. Typically a new supplemental budget proposal is released a few days later, so expect one early the week of February 22.

By tradition, the House and Senate alternate which chamber releases its budget proposal first. This year, it is the House’s turn. We’re likely to see a Senate proposal shortly thereafter. Look for our updates later this month.

Categories: Budget & finance