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Welcome to AWC’s online library of Legislative Bulletin and CityVoice news articles and other updates.

Published on Friday, February 5, 2016

Session midpoint – tracking priorities and problems

February 8 is day 29 of a 60-day session scheduled to end March 10. Knowing where a bill or issue stands in the legislative process will help you understand what’s still under active consideration, what’s not, and how we can collectively impact an issue we all care about.

Our focus until February 17 is to move or stop bills in their house of origin. An example is our Public Records legislation, HB 2576, which needs to get out of the House with a strong bipartisan vote of support. The show of support in the House will give it needed lift in the Senate. We’re asking you now, and likely again before February 17, to connect with your House members and ask them to vote for HB 2576 to keep this issue moving.

Last Friday February 5, bills with no impact on the state’s current budget needed to clear a committee to move forward in the legislative process. In this Bulletin, we highlight key bills that are still alive, what’s needed to keep or stop them from moving, and how you can help from home. We also maintain an AWC key issue BillTracker on our website that shows you the real-time status and background on key bills. One look helps illustrate the steps necessary, beginning with committee action, referral (if needed) to a fiscal committee, floor action, consideration by the opposite chamber, etc. You’ll note there are numerous steps bunched up at the end for bills to make it to the finish line and you may hear requests for help during these “crunch” times.

We so appreciated hosting several hundred city officials in Olympia during our City Action Days (CAD) conference. Many have informed us how their conversations went with their legislators. We’d appreciate a quick note from those of you who weren’t able to attend CAD, but contacted legislators and have feedback about what you are hearing. Together, we can make sure that all legislators understand what actions are important to help make strong cities a great state.