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Published on Friday, February 5, 2016

Which personnel bills survived the first legislative cutoff?

Friday, February 5 was the deadline for bills to be approved by a policy committee. If a bill is not related to fiscal matters and has not been voted out of committee, then it is likely dead for the 2016 legislative session. Nearly every personnel bill we’ve mentioned in the Bulletin this session remains alive after this first deadline:

  • SB 6475 would require the Public Employees Benefits Board health care program to accept small political subdivisions.
  • HB 2806 would expand presumptive occupational disease for firefighters.
  • HB 2805 would require mandatory reporting of firefighter hazardous exposures.
  • HB 2399 would prohibit consideration of traffic tickets issued during law enforcement officer performance reviews.
  • SB 6250 would give fire department employees rights to volunteer or obtain part-time employment.
  • HB 2307 would require reasonable accommodations for pregnant women. A similar proposal, HB 2404, was not moved from committee by the deadline.
  • HB 1354 would establish the Employee Retaliation Act.
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