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Published on Friday, October 16, 2015

Marijuana revenue distribution errors & clarifications

It has come to AWC’s attention that a small number of cities who should have received marijuana revenue distributions in late September did not. The 2015 Legislature amended Washington’s recreational marijuana law to allow for marijuana revenue sharing with local governments. Cities who had established recreational marijuana retailers in 2014 are eligible for distributions. If you think your city should have received a distribution and did not, please contact Aaron Hanson at the Liquor and Cannabis Board for further clarification. Please also let AWC know. For a more detailed explanation of the new distribution policy see here.

Cities who do receive marijuana funds must use these monies for public safety and marijuana enforcement activities, as set forth in HB 2136“The legislature further intends to share marijuana tax revenues with local jurisdictions for public safety purposes and to facilitate the ongoing process of ensuring a safe regulated marijuana market in all communities across the state.”

Initially there was confusion on how these funds could be spent. The Municipal Research and Data Center suggests that “monies can be deposited into the general/current expense fund where public safety appropriations typically occur.”