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Published on Friday, June 12, 2015

New districting bill gets public hearing

On Thursday, July 11, a hearing was held in Senate Government Operations & Security Committee on a new districting bill. SB 6129, sponsored by Senator Pam Roach (R-Auburn), allows cities, code cities and counties to forms districts and hold district-based elections in general elections. The process for moving to a district-based system would be through city council ordinance or, if authorized, through citizen initiative. If district-based elections were approved cities could move to a ward, district or combination of these alternatives for both primary and general elections.

AWC’s Victoria Lincoln provided testimony in support of the legislation with two suggestions for clarification. One concerned the use of the word “towns” in the title of the bill (the legislation does not actually reference towns in its language). The other point asked for consistent language to be used throughout the bill.

It is unclear at this time if the bill will move during this special session.

Categories: General government