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City Legislative Priorities

In order for Washington State to be its best and attract the best, our 281 cities and towns must be strong.

The 2017 legislative session will be lengthy and difficult. In light of competition for the state’s limited resources, this session could be a game changer for cities and communities around the state. In order to help solve our shared critical challenges and maintain Washington’s vibrant communities, the Legislature must:

Public Records

Modernize the Public Records Act (PRA) so that cities can continue to provide open and transparent government services to our residents

Public records issue brief

Homelessness, Housing & Human Services

Enhance efforts to increase affordable housing, decrease homelessness, and improve a strained behavioral health system

Homelessness, housing, & human services issue brief

Local Infrastructure

Revitalize key infrastructure assistance programs that support job creation, community health and safety, and quality of life

Local infrastructure issue brief

Local Authority

Respect city local authority to respond to local needs

City home rule issue brief

Property tax issue brief

Small cell telecommunications technology issue brief

Task force on local business tax & licensing simplification

City-State Partnership

Maintain critical funding of key services and programs

Shared revenues with cities: 2015-2017 biennium

Pension merger issue brief

BLEA issue brief

Restore city liquor revenue issue brief

Federal priorities

The health and vitality of local economies are critical to a robust and dynamic national economy. Federal fiscal policies should enhance the ability of local elected officials to respond to needs at the local level. More

Legislative Priorities

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