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How to use BillTracker

BillTracker lets you easily track and learn more about bills in Washington’s Legislature that impact cities.

The Washington State Legislature’s online database is comprehensive, covering current and historical bill information, committee schedules, agendas, and reports. It includes thousands of bills.

AWC’s BillTracker narrows your search down to the bills that directly align with AWC’s legislative priorities or bills that matter to cities. And BillTracker delivers your information in language you can easily understand.

BillTracker features

Sortable table of bills

BillTracker’s homepage contains a sortable bill list. As more bills are introduced and scheduled for hearings the list will grow longer, but it will always be limited to those bills cities care about.

The list is easy to use. Click on the column heads to sort by AWC priority or issue area. Or you can sort by bill title, number or status.

If you want to check on a particular bill and already know the bill number you can type the bill number into the box at the top right and click the blue search button.

For more information on any bill, click on the bill number and you will be taken to a Bill Detail page.

Filter out “Dead” bills

As we get closer to the end of session fewer and fewer bills will still be moving. Many will be dead. If you only want to see only the bills that are still alive, click the “No” button in the top right corner where it says “Show dead bills?”

Bill detail pages

Bill status simplified

BillTracker’s status graphic makes it easy to track your bill, going from initial committee referral to finally becoming a law. A green light shows the bill’s status – where it is the process. If the bill is dead, a red light shows where it died.

Insights from a city perspective

Every Bill Detail page contains updates and a summary from AWC legislative staff that helps you better understand the bill’s true meaning and real impacts. We’ll also tell you about upcoming bill hearings and if necessary give a more detailed status description. Sometimes we’ll ask you to contact your legislators on the bill and provide messages you can share with your legislators.

Descriptive bill titles that mean something to you

Often a bill’s official title is hard to decipher. Does it really matter to cities? BillTracker titles are plain English, quickly identifying what the bill is actually about. And if you still want to see the bill’s official title, it’s near the bottom of the Bill Detail page.

Easy access to more information

  • AWC legislative staff who are most familiar with each bill are listed under AWC Contacts.
  • Links to relevant fact sheets and news articles are also found on the right side along with a search for related Bulletin articles.
  • If you want to dig into the full bill text, at the bottom of the page you’ll find a link to the Legislature’s webpage for that bill.