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Grants & Purchasing

Purchasing partners

Explore a selection of cost-effective purchasing options.

KCDA Purchasing

School board members in King County founded KCDA Purchasing in 1938. The purpose of this nonprofit association is to create volume purchasing, fulfill bid law requirements, manage centralized receiving and distribution and offer single-source purchasing for school supplies, furniture, equipment and services requested by its owner/members. KCDA Purchasing is available to cities through its associate membership.

U.S. Communities

AWC is a sponsoring member of the U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance, a national purchasing program for public agencies that gives you significant price and resource savings. U.S. Communities gives local governments the ability to piggyback on publicly bid government contracts. You pay no membership fee and no minimum purchase is required. Call U.S. Communities toll-free at 1-866-GPA-SHOP for an automated listing of product and vendor contact information.

WA State Department of Corrections (DOC)

The DOC Correctional Industries offers eligible customers quick and easy access to quality products and services that are produced or provided in whole or in part from inmate work programs. In addition, DOC has created partnerships with federal, state, county, city and community groups to employ offender work crews.

WA State Department of Enterprise Services (DES)

DES's mission is to "implement a world-class, customer-focused organization that provides valued products and services to government and state residents." DES is envisioned as an agency that will "provide centralized leadership in efficiently and cost-effectively managing resources necessary to support the delivery of state government services." DES consolidates the departments of General Administration (GA), Printing (PRT), and parts of the departments of Information Services (DIS), Personnel (DOP), and the Office of Financial Management (OFM).

Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech)

WaTech is "the consolidated technology services agency" (RCW 43.105.006) created to establish a streamlined, agile central IT organization that enables public agencies to better serve the people of Washington via technology. It unifies the former Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), the original Consolidated Technology Services (CTS) and the enterprise applications division of the Department of Enterprise Services (DES). Our customers include state agencies, county, city and tribal governments as well as nonprofits.

WA State Department of Printing

The State Department of Printing allows cities who have a signed inter-local agreement on file to use online print ordering to create and order business cards, letterhead and envelopes without leaving your desk. Your city can enter information, proof online, and submit orders via the Internet. Using this service can save your city 20 to 50 percent off the cost of ordering business cards manually, with a decreased turnaround time of up to 67 percent.

King County Fleet Administration Division

More than 130 regional government agencies, including municipalities, sewer and fire districts, housing authorities, libraries, and law enforcement use King County Fleet Administration Division for their fleet services. In addition to fleet services, participating agencies can benefit from auction of surplus vehicles; piggyback on vehicle and equipment purchases; get vehicle maintenance at the lowest competitive prices; purchase fuel; emergency preparedness supplies and shop for more than 6,000 other supplies.