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February 5, 2018

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Hot topics section

Voting Rights Act bill moving
AWC has been actively engaged with House legislators in discussing ways to improve this bill by reducing the chance for unintended consequences and improving the clarity of language that pertains to implementation. Read AWC’s suggestions on ways to improve the bill. Now is the time to contact your legislator if you have input. More

From the director section

City priorities and issues of concern at the halfway point
We are halfway through the legislative session and past an important legislative cutoff deadline. Find out which city priorities failed to move past the deadline, and which ones are moving through the process. Also discover the issues of concern to cities that we are tracking closely, and how you can help. More

Things you can do section

Local Records Grant Program accepting applications until February 28
Cities can now apply online for the Washington State Archives Local Records Grant Program. Grant-funded projects can include technology tools, organization of files, or digital imaging. Only one type of grant project is allowed per grant cycle. Applications for this grant cycle close on February 28, 2018. Another grant cycle will start again in July 2018. More

Media time section

Local drug take-back laws are successful
Drug take back video
The pharmaceutical industry’s MED-Project program provides more secure medicine drop boxes under local ordinances. Local health boards adopted these laws to help prevent medicine abuse, addiction, and overdose deaths by helping residents clean old drugs out of their medicine cabinets. SHB 1047 would expand this successful model statewide. Watch this video to learn how it works.

Need to know setion

Budget & finance
Local revenue flexibility bill in House Rules Committee. More

Bill to create study on state and local property taxes heard in committee. More

Economic development
Bill seeking to incentivize commercial office space development passed out of committee. More

Environment & land use
Military land use compatibility bill hits unexpected snag in House, moves in Senate. More

Bill requiring six dwelling units per acre in all residential zones fails to pass, for now. More

General government
Bill would set disclosure requirements for utility bills. More

Local Government Committee sends local option levy lid lift exemption to Ways and Means. More

Human services
Here’s the latest on housing, homelessness and behavioral health bills. More

A major milestone may be close at hand. Prescription drug take-back bill poised for action in the House. More

Bill requiring a public vote to ban marijuana businesses passes out of committee. Currently cities have the authority to place bans or moratoriums on marijuana businesses through ordinances. More

Three separate proposals to expand first responder occupational diseases all pass out of committee. AWC opposes these costly expansions. More

Bill that encourages disclosure of sexual harassment in the workplace passes out of committee. The bill has until Wednesday, February 14 to pass out of the Senate. More

Both wrongful death bills expanding city tort liability pass out of committee. If you haven’t already, please consider reaching out to your legislators and voice your opposition. More

Public safety & criminal justice
AWC-supported body worn cameras bill passes out of committee. The bill came out of a two-year-long task force which issued a report and set of recommendations in December. More

Bills to provide funding for mental health first responders pass out of committee. Two bills propose grant programs for local law enforcement agencies to develop and operate mental health field response teams. More

A bill that would eventually provide 100 percent of public defense funding has passed first hurdle. More

Bill changes how law enforcement may seize property in civil asset forfeiture cases. More

Bill would increase city population threshold for enhanced state route maintenance responsibilities. More

Proposal could help cities deal with abandoned recreational vehicles on public property. More

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