Workers' Comp Retro

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Starting April 1, AWC Retro’s in house staff will be managing all aspects of your Retro program, including claims management. Your AWC Retro staff to provides you the very best in safety training, loss control, and claims management. Here’s who to call when. Take advantage of our services!

Brian Bishop, AWC Retro Program Manager
Overall management of AWC retro staff and services for Retro members.

Peri Smith, Retro Claims Coordinator
Contact Peri for time loss accidents, claims progress, protests and appeals, next steps in your claims, and barriers to progressing claims to closure. She’ll also work with you on return to work and light duty strategies.

Melissa Taylor, Retro Claims Analyst
Contact Melissa for medical only claims, and Stay at Work policies and light duty wage reimbursements.

Roger Neal, Loss Prevention Coordinator
Roger helps members with OSHA compliance, safety programs, conducts safety and compliance audits and provides trainings to Retro members.

You can always reach someone at AWC by emailing