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Workers' Comp Retro

AWC Workers’ Comp Retro Member Agreement

To become a member of AWC’s Workers’ Comp Retro Program, you’ll need to complete the Release of Data form, and return it to AWC via email, retro@awcnet.org, or via fax, 360-753-0149. After review, AWC Workers’ Comp Retro staff will contact you to further explain details of the application process. Contact AWC Workers’ Comp Retro staff at 1-800-562-8981 with any questions.

Application/Enrollment dates to join AWC Workers’ Comp Retro

Application date

Enrollment date

March 15

April 1

June 15

July 1

September 15

October 1

December 15

January 1


AWC charges 6.5% of last year's L&I premium, no other costs as with other programs.

Refunds are primarily performance based – the better a members experience, the greater the refund.

Membership criteria