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Training & Education

Take budgeting one step at a time

AWC’s new online Budgeting Basics series puts you in the capable hands of Redmond’s Finance Director, Mike Bailey. Mike is recognized nationally for his sage approach to budgeting, and now you can benefit from his financial expertise and years of experience. Take a look at the series.

What is a budget?
Session 1 (5 min)

Types of budgets
Session 2 (6:12 min)

Budget & fund accounting
Session 3 (7:22 min)

Community accountability
Session 4 (7:16 min)

Where to begin?
Session 5 (8:55 min)

Setting budget priorities
Session 6 (10:19 min)

Development tips
Session 7 (12:06 min)

Session 8 (11:18 min)

Outlining a budget
Session 9 (7:37 min)

Session 10 (11:27 min)

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