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Training & Education


AWC’s library of eLearning classes includes videos, webinars, and learning modules. Check out these training programs when and where it’s convenient for you. Browse our eLearning library

Featured eLearning resources

Roles, responsibilities and legal requirements

Open Public Meetings Act eLearning

This eLearning training opportunity was created in partnership between MRSC and AWC to provide information on the Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA). The training is customized for city and town councilmembers and mayors to help meet an important training requirement in accordance with the Open Government Trainings Act.

Public Records Act and records retention eLearning

The Public Records eLearning training was created by MRSC and AWC to provide city and town officials and staff with up-to-date training on the Public Records Act and records retention practices. This training, when combined with the AWC and MRSC’s Open Public Meetings Act eLearning complete the training requirements for elected officials under the Open Government Trainings Act.

Knowing the legal territory

This video series is a must-see for every newly-elected mayor and councilmember.

Public sector resource management

Budgeting basics

Our Budgeting Basics series breaks down the various elements of budgeting with guidance and advice for all elements of the budget process.

Community planning and development

GMA conversation starters

This Growth Management Act "starter package" features a series of 12 videos covering planning and land use roles and responsibilities, budget, economic development, community engagement and more.

Short course on local planning

The Short Course on Planning is the pre-eminent training course on land use for planning commissioners and elected officials in Washington. Access this training through a series of ten short videos.

Effective local leadership

Your leadership contribution

Explore what makes your work at city hall meaningful, and how you contribute to a greater good and a healthier community.

You can obtain CML credit when you watch one of our pre-approved videos, webinars or learning modules. Click here to let us know which one you viewed.