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Back by popular demand…The Parade of Flags

Join AWC’s Parade of Flags at this year’s Annual Conference in Vancouver! This is a great opportunity to unite all cities and celebrate everything that makes Washington’s cities so great.

The Parade of Flags takes place June 21, during the opening lunch.

If your city has a flag and wants to join the parade, we need three things from you:

  1. Contact Gina Abram by May 31 to reserve your spot.
  2. Select a flag walker from your city.
  3. Mail us your flag by June 13. Our address is 1076 Franklin St. SE, Olympia, WA 98501-1346.

AWC provides poles and stands to display the flags during the conference.

If your city does not have a flag but wants to be a part of the celebration, please contact Gina Abram by May 19 if you want to learn more about ordering a flag.

We hope you join us in this celebration!