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Wellness Wow! Cutting edge ideas & inspiration from experts, gurus & thought leaders webinar

April 17
10 – 11 am

The 2014 WELCOA National Training Summit and the 24th Annual Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference featured the absolute best wellness thinkers and practitioners walking the planet today. Jon just returned from both events and he’s excited to share ideas and inspiration from leaders like David Hunnicutt (Communications), Sean Foy (Fitness), Ann Kulze, MD (Nutrition), Brian Luke Seaward (Stress), Judd Allen and Rosie Ward (Culture), Victor Strecher (Meaning & Purpose), plus Paul Terry, Bill Baun and many more. Join us for all the key takeaways from two of worksite health promotion’s premiere training events.

This webinar is for Trust members only.


Jon Smith, MS
Health Promotion Specialist, AWC
Jon began his career 30+ years ago as a therapeutic recreation specialist with the Easter Seal Society of Washington. After earning Bachelors and Masters degrees in health education he developed a holistic wellness course for middle school students and taught for 16 years. During those years he also worked as an adjunct instructor teaching health, wellness, and physical activity classes at Central Washington University, Tacoma Community College, and Olympic College. As a graduate student he coordinated CWU’s employee wellness program, the Wellness Hour. Since 2007 Jon’s worked with AWC Employee Benefit Trust. As a member of the Trust’s health promotion team he provides training and program support for members, helping them build healthy, happy workplace cultures.


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