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Wellness webinars

The culture code: A field guide for people creating the future of work

June 16
10 – 11 am

Workplace wellness doesn’t work well without a positive workplace culture! In fact, we’ve heard it said that culture eats wellness for breakfast. That means even if you have a fantastic wellness program, a negative workplace culture can erase your efforts. During this session, culture expert Josh Levine will guide you to:

  • Learn how to positively influence the six components of organizational culture: Purpose, values, behaviors, recognition, rituals, and cues.
  • Explore actions for organizational change rooted in traditional brand strategy.
  • Apply what you learned so you’re prepared to spearhead cultural transitions in your organization.

This webinar is for Trust members only.


Josh Levine, Partner, Great Monday, Co-founder, CULTURE LABx
For over 15 years Josh has helped leaders build purpose-driven organizations through brand and culture management. He is a co-founder of CULTURE LABx, and a senior lecturer at a California College of the Arts' MBA program in Design Strategy. His writing has been featured in publications including Fast Company, The Design Management Journal and 99u. Josh holds a BS in Engineering Psychology from Tufts, and BFA in design from the Academy of Art University. You can usually find him going on about brand, culture, or his gregarious family on twitter @akajoshlevine.


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