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A good night’s sleep: Addressing insomnia, stress, and digital toxicity

February 17
10 – 11 am

Insomnia and poor quality sleep are linked to irritability, anxiety, poor work performance, car accidents, marital problems and health issues including heart disease, cancer, and obesity – and studies show that over 60% of Americans suffer from poor sleep! The good news is there are steps we can take to improve sleep quality, and things your wellness program can do to promote healthy sleep.

During this webinar Brian Luke Seaward will discuss our insomnia epidemic, share practical strategies individuals can use to get better sleep, and offer ideas for designing worksite programming to promote healthy sleep. Following Dr. Seaward’s presentation AWC staff will introduce our spring wellness campaign, all about addressing insomnia, stress, and digital toxicity to get a good night’s sleep, night after night! Please join us!

This webinar is for Trust members only.


Brian Luke Seaward, PhD, Executive Director, Paramount Wellness Institute
Brian is regarded as one of the foremost experts in the field of stress management and a pioneer in the field of mind-body-spirit healing. He speaks around the world and has authored more than 12 books, including classic best-sellers like Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water and The Art of Calm. His corporate clients include Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Wells Fargo, John Deere, and the US Army. Former Good Morning America host Joan Lunden says, “Dr. Seaward’s words have touched my life profoundly and helped me find the grace and dignity, the patience and compassion needed to navigate my ever-changing course.”


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