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Employees on the Move: Jumpstart Your Workplace with a Motion Infusion! webinar

August 21
10 – 11 am

Experts claim sitting disease has reached epidemic proportions in our country and some claim the effects on personal health are as damaging as smoking. It’s clear Americans need to move more. Join us as fitness exert Laura Putnam shares ideas for developing workplace environments and cultures that encourage movement. Laura blends the latest research with a good dose of humor and fresh ideas for inspiring employees to get out of their seats! You’ll come away with practical tips on how to infuse movement into daily routines, even when “there’s no time, no gym, etc., etc., etc.!”

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Laura Putnam, MA, CEO, Motion Infusion
Drawing on a background in education, public policy, competitive athletics, dance and wellness, Laura utilizes a movement-based approach to promote well-being and innovation in the workplace. As an expert in how we learn, motivation and behavioral change, and building a healthy organizational culture, Laura is a frequent presenter at national and international conferences. Laura was a nationally competitive collegiate gymnast, a professional dancer, and is a certified Pilates and fitness instructor. She holds a Bachelor's degree from Stanford University in International Relations and a Master’s degree in Education from Brown University.


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