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Getting people to change: From carrots & sticks to making meaning – webinar

March 19
10 – 11 am

Last year Laura Putnam taught us how to get employees moving during her “Jumpstart Your Workplace” webinar. This year she’s back to dive into one of your favorite wellness topics: Intrinsic motivation. This webinar explores the million-dollar question in health promotion, namely: How do we get people to change?

During the session, you’ll:

  • Learn best practice motivational strategies from the field of education.
  • Discover how to replace the typical behaviorist approach to motivation (reward & punishment) with a so-called constructivist approach (create meaning).
  • Plan for applying this model to more effectively motivate employees in making lifestyle changes.

This webinar is for Trust members only.


Laura Putnam, MA, CEO, Motion Infusion
Laura is an expert in motivation, behavior change, human performance, and in building healthier, happier, more innovative organizations. She currently serves as the Chair of the American Heart Association’s Greater Bay Area 2020 Task Force and is a frequent speaker at national and international wellness events. Laura earned a Bachelor's degree from Stanford University in International Relations and a Master’s degree in Education from Brown University.


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