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Health Questionnaire: Gathering meaningful data – webinar

July 16
10 – 11 am

Tiffany from WebMD will be co-hosting this webinar and we will discuss different ways the Health Questionnaire data is meaningful and how to use that data to develop your wellness program. The Health Questionnaire is how we gauge the impact of our wellness efforts and get ideas about the changing health of our membership. Let’s look at the benefits of encouraging employees to complete the annual Health Questionnaire, aside from the $35 CitiVisa incentive!

Join our webinar to:

  • Use promotional materials to increase HQ participation
  • Understand how a participant’s HQ responses personalize their experience in the Health Central portal
  • Use your HQ Management Report to plan for the 2016 program year

This webinar is for Trust members only.


Tiffany Weir, Strategic Account Executive, WebMD Health Services

Niki Charneski, Health Promotion Specialist, AWC
Niki earned a Master’s degree in education from Saint Martin’s University in 2000 and taught wellness in the Metro Nashville Virtual School.


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