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A look inside the State’s new business licensing service

Nearly 70 cities partner with the Washington State Department of Revenue to issue state and local business licenses through the same Business Licensing Service (BLS). This webinar highlights the state’s one-stop business licensing solution, including recent enhancements.

ABCs of debt: A look at debt capacity and long-term borrowing

Explore short-term and long-term debt options, including different ways to borrow and how to avoid depleting your city's reserves.

Are you in legal jeopardy?

This recorded webinar provides a fast-paced overview of the various legal dos and don'ts for elected officials and other city leaders.

Budgeting & performance: Improving your community through budgeting

Learn how to develop a budget as an element of a community-based vision and goals. Plan for a “structurally-balanced budget,” which demonstrates accountability for the public money and for results.

Budgeting basics

AWC's 10-part online Budgeting Basics series breaks down the various elements of budgeting. Redmond's Finance Director Mike Bailey shares his approach to budgeting and provides guidance and advice for all elements of the budget process.

Ethics in local government – Why it is important

The ethical decisions facing both elected officials and employees have become increasingly complex and challenging. This webinar will provide a basic understanding of unethical situations and the tools and tips to handle them.

Exploring quasi-judicial land use decision-making

Get a working knowledge of changing land use laws. Failure to properly follow procedures and laws can have significant consequences to the city and to individual decision-makers.

GMA comp plan conversation starters

This Growth Management Act "starter package" features a series of 12 videos covering planning and land use roles and responsibilities, budget, economic development, community engagement and more.

Holding court: Municipal dos and don'ts

You choose to operate a municipal court as a vital community service. Operating a court is complex. Make your court more efficient, effective and fair.

Knowing the Legal Territory

This video series is a must-see for every newly elected mayor and councilmember. This training fulfils the Open Government Training Act requirement for elected officials.

Legal considerations and practical tips regarding executive sessions

Executive sessions, if conducted properly, can be integral to informed decision-making for city councils, particularly regarding sensitive issues. This update on key issues includes practical guidance and best practices.

LID video series

This video series helps local governments with the code review and update process for managing stormwater, explaining what low impact development (LID) is and how these stormwater permit requirements present both new opportunities and challenges for local governments.

Low impact development: Code update and integration

This recorded webinar helps elected officials, public works directors, and planning commissioners prepare for the regulatory changes to the current NPDES permit that make low impact development (LID) the preferred and commonly used stormwater management approach.

Making effective change in your city

This webinar explores how to make effective change in your city using continuous improvement process tools, focusing on satisfying citizens' expectations, eliminating waste, and improving the quality of products and processes.

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Measuring economic development in the 21st century

Performance measures can help guide the allocation of resources and support your funding requests. Explore options to gauge impact and hear how to manage expectations.