Legislative Advocacy

Take Action for Cities 2014 Agenda

The key to a great state is strong cities throughout Washington. Our 281 cities are the state’s economic engines and where most of the population lives, works, shops and plays. In 2014, legislators can protect the heart of a great state by taking action to:

Restore liquor revenue sharing

The long history of local/state liquor revenue sharing, a partnership dating 70+ years, has been severely undermined in recent years. The Legislature must restore the growth in profits that cities need to fund public safety and other local impacts.

Fund new city responsibilities from marijuana legalization

The new marijuana industry is subject to up to a 75% state excise tax, but none of that funding is directed to local jurisdictions to address public safety needs and other complex local impacts. Reconcile medical and recreational marijuana to meet the federal mandate for a tightly-regulated system.

Fund transportation needs, including providing new local transportation revenue options

Transportation is critical for our economic vitality. Cities must have the resources to maintain and strengthen both local and state transportation systems.

Stop raiding infrastructure funds

Our infrastructure is aging and cities can’t keep up with increasing demands. If we are going to keep Washington moving forward, we need the Public Works Trust Fund and other infrastructure programs intact, to allow for planned and sustained investments in communities.

Contact: Dave Williams, Director of Government Relations davew@awcnet.org.

Thank you to AWC’s 2013-2014 Legislative Subcommittee for their continuing work in developing the city legislative agenda. Please share these priorities with legislators and others in your community.