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Published on Friday, January 25, 2013

Preservation of MTCA funding for toxic site cleanups and stormwater management

AWC has joined a group of organizations in the local government, business, and environmental communities in a coalition uniting to preserve the dedicated capital accounts used to fund the state’s investments in toxic cleanups, stormwater, and other activities. In concert with the Association of Washington Business, Washington State Association of Counties, Washington Public Ports Association, Associated General Contractors, Western States Petroleum Association, Washington Conservation Voters, and Washington Environmental Council – AWC and the coalition have testified about the need to preserve these accounts for their usual purposes in front of the House Appropriations, House Capital Budget, and Senate Energy, Environment & Telecommunications Committees in the opening weeks of the session. As you can see on the back page of the coalition one-pager (available here) these accounts could fund work all around the state at significant levels if the Legislature can find a way to retain this funding for its traditional uses.