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Published on Friday, January 31, 2014

Sunshine Committee recommendations

Last year’s bill implementing the Sunshine Committee’s recommendations, SHB 1298, is scheduled for executive session next week in the House Government Operations & Elections Committee. The bill would make a number of changes, including:

  • Clarifies what information about background checks of guardians ad litem may be disclosed.
  • Exempts social security numbers and other financial information under 9.35.005 from disclosure.
  • Clarifies that disclosure of identifying information about a child sexual assault victim is not limited to the victim’s name, address, location, photograph, and relationship to the perpetrator.
  • Exempts information contained in a locally or regionally maintained gang database from disclosure.
  • Limits disclosure of information about participants in a rideshare program to names, general locations, and email addresses.
  • Prohibits disclosure of information identifying the purchaser of a transit pass to the news media when reporting on public transportation or safety.

Earlier versions of this bill would have required disclosures of finalists applying for the highest management position in an agency or local government after finalists were selected but before a final hiring decision was made. The current version does not.