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Published on Friday, April 3, 2015

Funding for Transportation Improvement Board at risk

Funding for critical Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) programs are at risk. During the 2012 legislative session, TIB was appropriated an additional $5 million a year. TIB used these funds to:

  • Create the Arterial Preservation Program (APP) to provide preservation assistance to cities with a population greater than 5,000 and assessed valuation less than $2 billion;
  • Double the size of the Small City Preservation Program (SCPP) to assist cities under a population of 5,000 with preservation needs; and
  • Establish a grant program for cities to switch streetlights to energy-efficient LED.

The future of these programs is now in question, and we need your help to continue their funding.

As it stands now, funding for these programs is included in the House 2015-17 transportation budget, PSHB 1299. The Senate did not include this program in its biennial transportation budget. (These biennial budgets allocate funding from existing revenue streams, not the new gas tax and fees that are being considered as part of a new transportation funding package.) Senate transportation leaders have indicated that TIB funding would be a part of a new law transportation package, but only partially continued these funds from 2012 and included no new funds for TIB at all in their package.

In summary, looking at the Senate’s proposed transportation budget and new revenue package, neither would continue funding TIB at current levels. The House did include current level funding for TIB in their 2015-17 budget. The House has not yet released their new proposed transportation package.

TIB has been an important partner for many cities, and AWC would like TIB to thrive instead of wither. If TIB is important to your city, please share with your legislators how continuation of the APP, SCPP, or LED programs help your city and that they need to fund those programs in their transportation budgets. In addition, new funds for TIB should be included in any transportation revenue package.

If you have questions or need additional information please contact AWC’s Dave Catterson.

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