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Bill #:  6062

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Marijuana revenue sharing

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Senate - CMTE

Summary/AWC comments

SB 6062 provides for an ongoing, flat amount of $6M per year for cities and counties in marijuana excise tax revenue, and uses our preferred distribution method that was included in SB 5417. However, it was amended on the floor to allow jurisdictions that ban to be eligible to receive funds. SB 6062 does not include a sunset date but does sweep almost all other marijuana revenue into the Education Legacy Trust Account instead of spending it the way that was prescribed in Initiative 502.

We appreciate that the Senate recognizes the need to share revenue with cities and that they had made an ongoing commitment to provide funding. However, the funding amount is insufficient to have an impact to address local needs. AWC along with the Counties Association have requested that the amount be increased to 10% of the total excise tax revenue. The Senate projection is approximately $330M in marijuana excise tax revenue in the next biennium based on a 37% flat tax rate.

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Official title:

AN ACT Relating to marijuana.



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AWC Contacts

Analyst:  Jane Wall
Lobbyist:  Candice Bock

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Law & Justice

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