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Bill #:  1552

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Reducing metal theft and creating scrap metal licenses

Companion bill #: No Companion Bill.

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Summary/AWC comments

This year the Legislature had two bills that attempt to address the theft concerns, SB 5413 and HB 1552. Both bills create and increase criminal penalties for metal theft. The first offense of “engaging in scrap metal processing, recycling, or supplying without a license” is a gross misdemeanor, and the second offense is a Class C felony. These bills also create a licensing system for scrap metal processors, recyclers, and suppliers.

HB 1552 passed the Senate with some changes. The bill creates a licensing scheme for scrap metal business, establishes a no-buy list, and expand criminal penalties for theft. Some of the changes include narrowing the scope of the seizure and forfeiture provisions and makes the no-buy database only operable when there is sufficient funding appropriated. The bill originally stated that individuals with certain crimes in the last ten years were not qualified to sell metal, the amendment shortens that time frame to four years. It also removes that law enforcement notification when individuals on the no-buy list attempt to sell metal and makes other technical changes.
It regulates transactions and records retention of these transactions.

Funding sources must first be identified before the provisions in the bill take place.

This bill was signed by the Governor on 5/21/13.

Latest version of bill:

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Official title:

AN ACT Relating to the reduction of metal theft;


Goodman, Klippert, Freeman, Kirby, Morrell, Seaquist, Sullivan, Appleton, Ryu, Hunt, Stanford, Kochmar, Maxwell, Takko, Bergquist, Warnick, Manweller, Green, Fey

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