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AWC Priority Bill # Descriptive Title Issue Area Status
Major SB 5052 The Cannabis Patient Protection Act Law & Justice S - CMTE
Major SB 5417 Local government marijuana policies Law & Justice S - CMTE
Major HB 1517 Restoring city & county liquor revenue State Budget H - CMTE
Major HB 1593 Local transportation revenue options; Infrastructure, Economic Development, & Transportation H - CMTE
Other significant issue HB 1086 Cost recovery for commercial public records requests General Government H - CMTE
Other significant issue SB 5396 Public records exemption for information of guardians or family members of children enrolled in child care, early learning, parks and recreation, after-school, and youth development programs General Government S - CMTE
Monitor HB 1165 Marijuana revenue sharing Law & Justice H - CMTE
Monitor HB 1411 Relating to the siting of marijuana facilities Law & Justice H - CMTE


Not finding the bill you are looking for? This only includes bills of significant interest to AWC members. All other bills may be found on the Legislature's site.


Significant positive impacts to cities – actively seeking passage.

Harmful to cities – actively working against.

Potential impacts to cities – watching closely, no formal position.

Generally positive for cities – supportive, but not actively seeking passage.

Important, secondary priorities – seeking passage.