Legislative Advocacy

The Bulletin – Current Issue

AWC adopts 2015 legislative priorities and talks to Governor about the needs of cities and towns.

The Ugly Truth: Infrastructure Investment Video

Check out this short video and use it to interact with your community and your legislators.

AWC’s 2015 Legislative Action Agenda

AWC’s Legislative Committee releases the 2015 priorities that will be the focus for the upcoming session.

Open Data Portal – Ballot Measure Map

Votes speak louder than words. Use this ballot measure map to explore how your city and its neighbors have voted on levies, bonds, and other local issues. You can also see how frequently issues are voted on, and how much support they get from voters (all data taken from MRSC’s Ballot Measure Database).

Get Ready for New Lodging Tax Reporting Webinar

If your city or town has a lodging tax, you won’t want to miss this webinar which will focus on the new online process for lodging tax reporting. Final reporting is due no later than March 15, 2015.

Contact our lobbyists

Dave Williams
Director of Government Relations

Candice Bock
Law & justice, pensions, personnel, public records, social services

Alison Hellberg
Economic development, infrastructure, transportation

Victoria Lincoln
Energy, general government, municipal finance, state budget, tele-

Carl Schroeder
Environment & water, housing, infrastructure, land use, social services