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Legislative Advocacy

Resources and collaboration needed to remove fish barriers

AWC is working with a coalition to find funding to fix the thousands of city owned culverts that block salmon passage around the state and create problems for endangered species. Hear about a successful model that the forestry industry followed to tackle a similar problem.

Strong Cities in Snohomish County reach out to the media

City officials in Snohomish County connected with The Herald for a mid-session report to remind their communities and the legislature what's important to cities. Read this article and other Strong City messages from throughout the state.

Data Portal – Population & migration map

More than half of Washington's 281 cities have experienced population growth of 30 percent or more since 1985. The map shows you where people in Washington are moving to and where they're moving from.

City officials speak out about city legislative priorities

Check out AWC’s YouTube channel for city officials’ messages on the need for a comprehensive transportation package, the critical importance of the Public Works Assistance Account, the need to regulate medical marijuana and share a portion of the recreational marijuana excise tax with cities.

AWC Fact Sheets

Talking to your legislator soon? Use our fact sheets to inform and remind them of city priorities.

AWC’s 2015 Legislative Priorities

AWC’s Legislative Committee releases the 2015 priorities that will be the focus for the upcoming session.

Contact our lobbyists

Dave Williams
Director of Government Relations

Candice Bock
Law & justice, pensions, personnel, public records, social services

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Economic development, infrastructure, transportation

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Energy, general government, municipal finance, state budget, tele-

Carl Schroeder
Environment & water, housing, infrastructure, land use, social services