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Legislative Advocacy

Fish Barrier Removal Board seeks information on undersized culverts

The Fish Barrier Removal Board (FBRB) seeks information on potential fish barrier projects that are not currently funded, yet are important from the local perspective. Providing this information has the potential to bring future project funding. Cities are invited to nominate one or more priority fish barriers by September 30.

Longest session in history comes to a close

2015 was the longest session in history and after 176 days and 3 special sessions, many city priorities were met.

Take Action – Thank your legislators

Now is the time to thank legislators who supported cities this legislative session. Click here for more information on who you should thank!

What you need to know about The Cannabis Patient Protection Act

Senate Bill 5052 was signed into law last month, which establishes a medical marijuana oversight body, guidance for rules and regulation, licensing, and defines cooperatives and personal grows. Find out what this new law means for cities.

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