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Stormwater bill passes US House and Senate

Colleagues and friends- I wanted to let you know that the US Senate and House have now acted and legislation is on its way to the President that will insure that federal agencies pay their local stormwater utility fees!  As you may know the BPA and other federal agencies stopped paying some months ago arguing that our local stormwater "fees" were actually "taxes".

Joel Rubin, DC based lobbyist for Longview, Lacey, Battle Ground, Vancouver and others played a key role in this victory.  If you want futher details Joel can be reached at atjoelr@cfmdc.com

Also the National Clean Water Agency did heavy lifting.

Thanks too to AWC who also took this on.  Mike McCarty and others were in DC this Spring and helped to get this issue firmly on the radar screen of our federal delegation.

Senator Murray and Cantwell were particularly helpful in getting this done during the lame duck session and Sen. Cardin was instrumental.

Nice Christmas present from the Congress.  Regards to all of you and happy holidays!

Mark O. Brown
Connections Public Affairs/Cities of Vancouver, Ridgefield, Longview, Battle Ground and Vancouver
360 790 4427

See the full text of Senate Bill 3481.