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NLC Policy Committees for 2011

The National League of Cities (NLC) has issued a call for membership on their seven policy committees for the year 2011. AWC President Kathy Turner will appoint five members to each policy committee in early January. When appointing members to the NLC policy committees, additional consideration is given to city officials who have attended the NLC Conferences.

Elected city officials from NLC direct member cities interested in serving on any of NLC’s policy committees should complete the NLC Policy Committee application form no later than January 28, 2011. A list of the 2010 committee members is here for your information.

NLC’s policy committees help to identify priority issues within their subject area, specify a work agenda for NLC’s steering committees, and finalize policy recommendations for consideration by the Resolutions Committee and for delegates at the Annual Business Session during the fall Congress of Cities. Policy committees meet twice a year – at the Congressional City Conference (March 12-16, 2011, Washington DC) and at the Congress of Cities (November 8-12, 2011, Phoenix, Arizona).

Registration fees for the conferences and any related travel expenses associated with the committees are not reimbursed by NLC or AWC.

NLC’s seven policy committees

The Community and Economic Development (CED) Committee focuses on developing national policy in economic and community development, community development block grants, housing and neighborhood development, recreation and parks, historic preservation, and international trade and investment agreements.

The Energy, Environment and Natural Resources (EENR) Committee focuses on developing national policy on air quality, water resources, wastewater treatment, energy, waste management, infrastructure, urban esthetics, and noise control.

The Finance, Administration and Intergovernmental Relations (FAIR) Committee focuses on national economic policy, general financial assistance programs, liability insurance, intergovernmental relations, municipal bonds and capital finance, municipal management, antitrust issues, citizen participation and civil rights, and labor relations.

The Human Development (HD) Committee focuses on developing national policy on issues such as employment and job training, social security and unemployment insurance, income support programs, immigration and refugees, health and education, equal opportunity, and social services.

The Public Safety and Crime Prevention (PSCP) Committee focuses on national policy in the areas of crime prevention, corrections, substance abuse, municipal fire policy, juvenile justice, disaster relief and preparedness, and homeland security.

The Transportation Infrastructure and Services (TIS) Committee focuses on developing policy on public transit, streets and highways, air transportation, railroads, waterways, and pipeline safety.

The Information Technology and Communications (ITC) Committee focuses on developing national policy on telecommunications and information systems, electronic commerce and taxation, geographic information systems, and other technology services provided by local governments.

Please complete the application if you would like to be considered for appointment to an NLC policy committee. If you have any questions, please contact Teri Perrine or at (360) 753-4137.