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One stop data update - AWC and MRSC

AWC and MRSC data collection logo

It’s time to update city official and staff contact information. In even years, AWC and MRSC partner to collect city contact information. So when you update your information through MRSC’s website, AWC’s information will be updated as well. This means less work for our members and more accurate data for both organizations.

City/town clerks recently received an email from MRSC asking to update city official contact information. To update your city’s information, go to MRSC’s Washington city and town profiles page. Select your city, and click on the City officials link. Follow the instructions provided. Please include a current email address – this is the primary way we communicate with members.

This is also a good time to review and update your city profile information, if needed (address, phone, website information, business hours, etc.). Go to the Washington city and town profiles page, select your city, and click on the Update city/town profile link.

The deadline to complete updates online is February 11, 2016.