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Update elected official contact information

AWC provides education and resources to your elected officials throughout the year, and this is particularly true following municipal elections.

After newly-elected or appointed mayors or councilmembers enter office, please update the new official's information. This allows AWC to send elected officials a welcome packet that includes the Mayor & Councilmember Handbook, as well as information about AWC and our Certificate of Municipal Leadership (CML) program.

Updating your newly-elected official's information is easy! When you update your city official contact information on the MRSC city and town profiles webpage at mrsc.org, we at AWC are able to update our information as well. Follow these steps:

  • Go to MRSC's Washington city and town profiles webpage.
  • Select your city.
  • Click on the city officials link to update contact information for the new official. (Please be sure to include a current email address – this is the primary way we communicate with members.)

On the MRSC city and town profile page, you will also be able to update information for many other important positions like clerk, manager/administrator, attorney, and other director level employees.

Contact awctechsupport@awcnet.org with questions.