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Top ten in ’17

We’re rounding out 2017 with our top ten AWC memories from this banner year. Number one is especially our favorite. We look forward to working for 281 strong cities again in 2018!

GIS map10. AWC GIS Consortium helps cities leverage GIS technology

Cities continued to utilize the AWC GIS Consortium for their data and technology needs. Consortium members are developing GIS strategic plans, mapping their infrastructure assets, digitizing outdated paper maps, and more. Visit gis.awcnet.org to learn how GIS can help your city.


Certificate of Municipal Leadership program9. CML credits awarded to 38 city elected officials

AWC’s Certificate of Municipal Leadership (CML) recognizes mayors and councilmembers for accomplishing training in core areas. Congratulations to the 38 city elected officials who earned their CML in 2017. Get your CML in 2018!


EOE attendees Covington8. Elected Officials Essentials hosts record attendance

More than 360 elected officials gathered in 12 locations throughout the state to learn the most critical legal and functional responsibilities of elected office. Check out our Flickr for photos of audiences from all 12 locations!



7. Longest legislative session in state history

The Legislature adjourned over the summer after a record 193 days in session. City efforts and messages in 2017 led to an overall successful result, and historic state-shared revenues were maintained. The 2018 session starts January 8, check out AWC’s 2018 legislative priorities.


Bob Roegner Lasting Impressions6. Lasting Impressions preserves city perspectives

In 2017, sage advice and observations from city leaders were captured in The AWC Center for Quality Communities Lasting Impressions series. The series highlights contributions that city leaders make to their community and captures valuable perspective and knowledge for future generations.


5. State version of marketplace fairness act implemented

This longstanding AWC priority requires sales tax collection or reporting for use tax by an internet retailer. The law takes effect on January 1, 2018.


Member Expo4. AWC Member Pooling Programs kept costs low for cities

In 2017, AWC’s Member Pooling Programs remained fiscally strong and continued to provide excellent prevention and safety services to members. Programs include AWC Employee Benefit Trust, AWC Risk Management Service Agency, AWC Workers’ Comp Retro, and the AWC Drug & Alcohol Consortium.



3. Advocacy All-Stars and City Champions

AWC named nine elected officials and two groups as Advocacy All-Stars for championing critical city issues during the 2017 legislative session. AWC also awarded City Champion honors to eight legislators, for their support for cities during the historically long session. See all our city awards in 2017!


Public records bill signing2. Public records legislation passed

Two long-time major AWC priority bills modernized the Public Records Act to include electronic records charges, address BOTS, and provide local records and technology grants.



1. You! Our members

Our number one spot goes to you, AWC members! Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done this year to keep cities moving forward! We couldn’t have done it without you. Let’s keep working in 2018 to ensure that everyone knows that strong cities make a great state!