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Thank you to all the mayors and councilmembers who serve your city or town

Published November 8, 2017

On the first Tuesday of every odd-numbered year, citizens in Washington’s 281 cities and town exercise their voice at the ballot box. Yesterday was no exception.

Regardless of the election results, on behalf of the AWC Board of Directors, we extend our sincerest thanks to all the Washingtonians who threw their hat in the ring to make their city or town a better place to live, learn, work, and play. We thank you for your time and talent, and your commitment and dedication to your city or town.

The day after a municipal election is always bittersweet for the city family. Some colleagues we have worked with for years will leave us and new faces will appear at city and town halls. There are about 2,000 mayors and councilmembers in Washington state. More than 1,000 of these seats were up for election this year, and nearly 500 of those were contested. And while the outcomes of many municipal races were determined last night, some contested races are still too close to call.

Our great democracy is built upon competition for a single seat at the council dais or in the mayor’s office. Some positions are filled by unopposed candidates, while others are the result of passionate races that brought differing opinions and hotly-contested issues to the forefront.

Some candidates are motivated to serve on a city council or as mayor based on a single issue. If history is any guide, newly-elected officials will soon find they are now responsible for a wide variety of challenges. Sorting through these challenges, listening to and representing all constituents, working to form a shared vision for the future, and enacting policies that lead to accomplishment is what makes our cities and towns thrive.

City and town elected officials come from all walks of life and different backgrounds to do one thing – serve their community. For this, we are grateful. Thank you to those who have served and will be leaving us at the end of your term. Congratulations to those of you who won your election. And welcome to the newcomers who are joining the city family.

Sincerest regards,

Pat Johnson
AWC President and Buckley Mayor

Peter B. King
AWC Chief Executive Officer