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AWC Research top 5 (2016)

  1. Are people shopping in your city? – Cities generate nearly 90% of the retail sales dollars collected in our state, generating $7.5 billion annually in sales tax. Check out where our state’s businesses are located and how much retail sales are generated in your city using this dashboard.
  2. Cost of the Public Records Act – Using public records report data from the State Auditor’s Office, this data visualization shows how much the Public Records Act (PRA) costs cities. Unfortunately, it only tells part of the story as many cities do not track costs associated with public records requests. In order to demonstrate the true impact of the PRA, it is important for cities to implement year-round processes for capturing this data.
  3. Toxic chemical releases – This data visualization looks at the EPA's Toxic Release Inventory (TRI), a program that tracks the management of toxic chemicals that pose a threat to human health and the environment. Use the dashboard to learn which facilities in your community release TRI listed chemicals.
  4. Your city snapshot – AWC’s interactive tool, Your City Snapshot, uses US Census data to profile your city’s economic condition, demographic breakdown, housing stock, and more. We’ll keep adding new data points so check back often.
  5. Homelessness in our communities – Together with the state, counties, service providers and community partners, cities are working on strategies to address homelessness. This story map explores just a few aspects of the issue and highlights some of the work being done to address it.