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Regional groups of cities and towns encouraged to apply for AWC’s Strong Cities pilot project

The Association of Washington Cities is reaching out to regional groups of cities and towns, or mayors associations, to help us initiate two regional pilot efforts designed to create broader support of city issues by community members, the media, and ultimately legislators. AWC will select one group in Eastern Washington and one in Western Washington to participate in this pilot project.

Throughout this effort, AWC will work with two groups to develop messages and strategies to help city and town officials better initiate conversations and build stronger partnerships with community members, the media, and legislators.

About the Strong Cities pilot projects

A small team of AWC staff will work with the pilot groups to create a local action agenda and strategic workplan about how to best communicate this action agenda with community members, the media, and legislators. Between September and December 2016, AWC will facilitate approximately two meetings with each group to assist in developing, adopting, and implementing an action agenda and communications strategy.

Each group will receive assistance from AWC to achieve project outcomes. These outcomes include:

  • Adopting a regional action agenda.
  • Developing a communications strategy for community members, media, and/or legislators.

At the conclusion of the project, each group will be asked to provide feedback to AWC about lessons learned and how other communities can benefit from similar regional efforts.

How to submit a letter of interest

If your regional group of cities and towns, or mayors association, wants to increase effectiveness in advocating for city issues, you are encouraged to submit a letter of interest. Groups do not need to be a formal association in order to be considered.

Groups selected for this pilot project will be chosen based on specific criteria, including: 1) readiness to engage the public, media and legislators in a strategic effort and 2) diversity of legislative districts and legislative caucuses represented.

To express interest, the chair or group representative should submit a letter to AWC outlining:

  1. Why participating in this pilot project would be beneficial to the group and/or region.
  2. The group’s commitment to achieve the outcomes outlined under “About the Strong Cities pilot projects.”
  3. Commitment from one city in the region that can provide a minimal level of staff resources to support the effort.
  4. The group’s scheduled meeting dates, times, and locations between September and December 2016.
  5. Legislative districts represented and the state of current relationships with legislators.
  6. Group member roster with names of officials and city or town represented.

The deadline to submit your letter of interest is Friday, September 2.

Letters should be emailed to:

Alicia Seegers Martinelli, Communications Director, aliciam@awcnet.org

About the Strong Cities, Great State campaign

Bringing cities and towns together to achieve greater results and deliver stronger services is at the heart of AWC’s Strong Cities, Great State campaign.

In order to do this, AWC promotes a broad public understanding of cities and towns. We provide tools so city officials can speak with constituents about the important role of cities and towns, address community needs, and spur action that makes a positive impact on future generations.

Cities are stronger when working together, and one united voice has a significant impact on decision-makers. This is why AWC works with all 281 cities and towns to create and sustain strong cities. When the entire city family is strong, cities and the state flourish.