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AWC Research top 5

Over the past year AWC Research has created a number of interactive data visualizations that demonstrate how different issues relate to Washington cities. Take a look at 5 of our favorite maps, charts, dashboards from the past year below:

  1. Changes in employment and earnings in Washington State – Washington cities have grown since the early 1990s, fueling job growth and increased earnings. However, growth hasn't been the same everywhere. This dashboard visualizes these changes in employment and earnings in Washington’s metro areas.
  2. Diversity index – Understanding your community's shifting demographics is essential to community engagement and effective public service. This map illustrates the diversity index (the probability that any two people selected at random will be of a different race) of each census block group in WA.
  3. Utility rate comparison tool (Tableau) – Our new utility rate profile and comparison tools show how your city's rates have changed over time. You can also download the raw data here. Remember, this data is self-reported so if you see any discrepancies or have data to add, email research@awcnet.org and we'll update the information.
  4. Population proximity to retail marijuana (ESRI) – Based on 2012 U.S. census data, the vast majority of Washington State's population lives within ten miles of a marijuana retail store, and even more live within 20 miles. This story map visualizes where retailers are in relation to Washington's populated areas. Note – many new retailers have started operations since this map was created in June 2015.
  5. WSPC jail data (Tableau) – This dashboard uses the most recent Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs data to visualize the populations of local jails in Washington.