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The City of Kelso launches open budget application

The City of Kelso, in association with Socrata, recently announced the implementation of Open Budget, a suite of breakthrough open data financial transparency apps for government. Open Budget is designed for quick deployment and citizen empowerment.

“We are excited to launch the Open Budget Kelso app developed by Socrata and provide our residents and stakeholders with a cutting edge tool that demystifies municipal budgeting,” said Kelso City Manager Steve Taylor.

“Users will navigate through multiple levels of revenue, expenditure, and capital project data with very little effort, and be able to compare against budgets from prior years. It is our hope that a better understanding of how the City collects and allocates its resources will lead to greater community participation in the budget and policymaking process.”

With Socrata’s financial transparency suite of applications, governments large and small are now able to publish budget and spending data quickly, economically, and in a consumer-friendly way. Rather than wading through hundreds of pages of scanned documents of legal and financial information, citizens and staff see budget and spending data in vivid color. The charts, graphs, and images are attractive, navigable, and easy to understand.

Open Budget Kelso can be accessed directly at http://budget.kelso.gov or through the City’s website.

For information contact:
Steve Taylor, City Manager