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Regence/Asuris specialty medications

One of the main differences between the HealthFirst and HealthFirst 250 plans is the addition of a 4th category of prescription medications: specialty medications which have a $100 copay. The actual cost of these drugs ranges from a few thousand to several thousand dollars per month.

The list of specialty medications is quite short and impacts less than 3% of covered members. Regence/Asuris has a system in place that often results in the member paying less than the $100 copay.

Discounts may be available

Many manufactures of specialty medications offer discount pricing – designed to reduce or totally absorb the member’s actual copay. Often dropping it to $5, $10, or even $0. By requiring members to use the specialty pharmacy BrioviaRx to fill these prescriptions, Regence/Asuris makes sure that all applicable discounts are provided for the member.

Once a member files a prescription with BrioviaRx, the Patient Assistance Coordinator screens the medication for open discount programs and then reaches out to the member with whatever options are found.

If an employee wishes to find out if their medication has a manufacturer’s discount available, they can check the manufacturer’s website, or contact Trust Staff to check for them.