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How to improve mood at work

It’s not simple. It takes more than a workshop, a potluck, and a few random acts of kindness. Those are worthwhile activities for sure but developing, then sustaining, workplaces where morale is high and employees happy is complex work.

To take on the challenge, check out these attributes of a thriving organization.

Then begin a conversation with your leadership about mood, emotional wellbeing, employee health, and organizational success.

Here are some steps to begin – or continue – this work:

  • Hear more from MJ on positive psychology, mood, and workplace wellness at her blog.
  • Learn about psychologically healthy workplaces from the American Psychological Association. Check out APA’s Center for Organizational Excellence, including resources for employers.
  • Schedule a presentation from EAP provider ComPsych, compliments of the AWC Trust. Relevant titles include: Balancing Work and Life, Happiness: A Key to Life’s Satisfaction, The Impact of Attitude on Work and Life, Civility in the Workplace, Building Trust, and many more!
  • Develop a formal employee recognition program employee recognition program and encourage informal ones.
  • Make the Gratitude Graffiti Project an annual tradition and the practice of gratitude a workplace norm.
  • Follow WellCity standards and use AWC Trust resources to develop programs, policies, and an environment that support employees’ ability to thrive in all areas of wellbeing.