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Employee Benefit Trust

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Your advocates – the Trust benefit team

One of the benefits of purchasing your health insurance programs through the Trust is the support of our benefits team. Darla, Heidi, Tanya and Kim work behind the scenes to assist you with all aspects of benefits administration.

  • Plan transitions: Transitioning from one plan to another, adding a plan, or adding a new line of coverage can be confusing. In addition to on-site presentations, the benefit team is available to assist with paperwork, smooth out any glitches with the carriers during the transition, and help your employees understand the changes in their coverage.
  • Benefit and eligibility questions: Call, or have your employee call, the benefit team with questions about eligibility, how the benefits work, or what is covered on a specific plan.
  • Claims resolution: When an employee is having a problem with a claim, the benefit team is available to work with the provider, the insurance company, and the employer and/or the employee to resolve the problem.
  • Complex claims: Sometimes difficult and complex issues arise – drug rehab for a minor child, emergency medical treatment out of the country, a catastrophic accident, or a complicated or unusual surgery. The benefit team can coordinate the process between the member and the insurance carrier to make sure the employee maximizes their benefits.
  • Billing and discrepancy issues: The benefit team works with HR/Accounting staff to process billing questions and coordinate the resolution of billing discrepancies between Trust Members, insurance carriers, and Northwest Administrators.
  • Communications: Publications, such as For Your Health, keep you informed about benefit issues nationally and locally. The benefit team also sends out a wide variety of mandated communications on behalf of Trust Members and provides sample language for your use in employee communications.

Karissa and Andy are available to come on site for presentations to union groups, benefit committees, management groups, and general staff on a variety of topics.

The Trust Benefit Team is a resource for you and your employees. You can contact them at benefitinfo@awcnet.org or by calling 800.562.8981.