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AWC Wellness Program takes a new approach in 2017

We can’t wait to tell you about some exciting new programs coming in 2017. Beginning June 1, we will transition to a new platform for Health Central, new wellness vendors, new health coaching options, more ways to earn the $35 wellness reward and a tweak to the 50% WellCity Award requirement (standard 8.4).

In preparation for the June 1 transition, we will suspend the $35 reward for completing HQ between January 1 and May 31. All programs available through our existing Health Central portal, powered by WebMD, will continue to be available to members through May 31, 2017. This includes WebMD’s telephonic health coaching.

What’s changing in 2017?

  • New and improved Health Central, powered by Jiff – Access via computer or smart phone app, intuitive design, game mechanics, social newsfeed, trackers, challenges. Points awarded for many programs contained in the app, offering users many different paths to earning the $35 reward.
  • Campaigns and challenges built into Health Central. Our twice yearly behavior change campaigns will transition to in-app challenges beginning next fall. Challenge participation rates will be measured along with other Health Central features, providing more participation data for your wellness committee and more ways for users to earn points toward the $35 reward.
  • My Health Discovery, by Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions. This health assessment replaces HQ as a tool for assessing health risks and identifying goals for lifestyle changes. This optional assessment is not required to gain access to coaching and is not required to earn the $35 reward. However, rewards points can be earned for completing it.
  • Two styles of health coaching, by Aduro – 1-on-1 telephone coaching, or a 6-week small group webinar coaching series. Six topics to choose from. No unsolicited calls. Employees initiate enrollment. Earn rewards points for participating.
  • On-site health screenings, by Aduro. A coaching concierge at the screening site explains results and helps facilitate enrollment into coaching, if needed. Minimum screening participation numbers will increase to 15 for members with less than 250 employees and 30 for those over 250. Earn rewards points for participating.
  • Digital Rewards with options. The plastic debit card is being replaced by electronic gift cards. Users will choose from a selection of vendors and the $35 reward will be delivered instantly by email.
  • WellCity Standard 8.4. The 2018 WellCity Award program will broaden Its measure of engagement to include any activities an employee chooses to earn the $35 Wellness Reward. To meet this requirement, beginning in 2017, 50% of employees and spouses must earn the Wellness Reward.

For details on the changes coming in 2017, tune in to our on-demand webinar, 2017 Wellness Program Planning. Use the password wellcity.