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Employee Benefit Trust

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We take data security seriously

The Trust takes the security of the data we receive very seriously, and we receive a lot of data. From the personal information contained on an enrollment form to medical details related to investigating claims for employees, we make the security of what we know a top priority.

Our building

The Association of Washington Cities is housed in a secure building with a single unlocked public entrance. The Trust is housed in a secure area within this building that is kept locked unless a Trust staff member is present. All paper files related to the Trust, including enrollment forms, are kept in this area.

Hardcopy data

All staff who touch enrollment forms are fully trained in HIPAA rules and procedures. Forms are received by mail, email, and fax. The fax machine is located within the Trust’s secured area. Any unprocessed forms are locked in a cabinet at the end of each day as an added protection.

Electronic data

Just as the Trust is physically secured in additional ways, our electronic data also has an extra level of protection. Trust data is stored with very limited access – physical and electronic. Data subject to HIPAA, including the documented notes of conversations with cities, employees, and vendors, is separated out with additional security and permission levels. All of the data is behind a robust firewall.

Health Central data

The information an employee provides on the Health Central website, like answers to a Health Questionnaire or information added to a health record, is also fully secured. It is not shared with the Trust or an employer.

Secure email

You can help with data security by using the Trust’s encrypted secure email system, especially when sending enrollment forms or other confidential information. You can access secure email through our website or, once you establish an account, bookmark the login page for quick access.