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2015: Wellness year in review

Employee engagement

AWC Trust members continue to show a strong commitment to employee health, with the number of WellCities growing from 96 in 2014 to 111 in 2015. More than 81% of Trust insured employees now work at WellCities.

Attendance at wellness training events remains high with the wellness webinar series reaching the largest number of employers. 70% of webinar attendees attended more than one. One hundred fourteen member employers participated in one or more of the Trust’s wellness trainings last year.

With a continued emphasis on HQ completion and a “double your mini-grant” promotion in August, we saw a large increase in Mini-Grant usage in 2015.

The on-site health screening model was changed from offering screenings to ½ the members each year, to all members in the same year. While this resulted in several efficiencies, and streamlined communications, participation rates remain low at 12%. In all, 127 members held screenings at 134 locations in 2015.

Wellness behavior change campaigns helped members achieve a positive state of mind with Live Out Loud (LOL) in the spring and the Gratitude Graffiti Project in the fall.  Eighty-one members ran LOL and 60 launched Gratitude Graffiti, which was expanded into a community-wide campaign in some locations. Forty-nine members ran both campaigns.

Healthy Decisions received a significant refresh with new content and a new delivery model. Two short educational videos, with handouts and facilitator guide, were produced this year – Getting the Right Care and Talking to Your Doctor. Healthy Decisions is a campaign to empower employees to become active participants in their own health and health care.

Nine ComPsych Lunch and Learn webinars were hosted this year on various topics affecting employee well-being. In addition, on-site lunch and learns were held in 14 locations. All webinars are now recorded for on-demand viewing.

ComPsych reports a continued high EAP utilization rate of 30% in 2015. Of the 4,784 cases reported 20% were live access callers, 63% were on-line access, and the remaining 17% were participants in live lunch and learns or critical incident stress management sessions. The most frequent on-line search was for legal services, followed closely by work-life/family issues.

Health risk and behavior change profile

While the AWC Trust population is nearly 3 years older than the WebMD book of business, we also have higher rates of health risk in 6 of 12 categories and higher rates of chronic conditions in 3 of 5 categories. As a group, our most prevalent health risks are weight, blood pressure, diet and preventive care.

A recent study by WebMD determined that individuals who worked for a WellCity had better risk outcomes, over a three year period, than individuals working for a Non-WellCity.

A 2-year HQ cohort group saw improvements in 10 of 12 risk factors. Only preventive care declined and alcohol use remained constant.

A 3-year coaching cohort group showed risk reduction in 7 of 11 risk factors, while those that did not engage in coaching increased 7 of 11 risk factors. It’s important to note that the cohort groups also aged 3 years during the period.

HQ management reports

Additional detail about the Trust’s statewide risk profile can be found in the HQ Management Report on our website. All members with 50+ HQ completions in 2015 received an HQ Management Report on their population. City-specific 2-year cohort reports were also provided with 50+ cohorts. These reports are valuable tools for program planning and evaluation. Management Reports are uploaded to each member’s eWellCity account. Access to eWellCity is limited so check with your wellness coordinator for a copy.