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1st quarter WellCity milestone: Is your 2016 operating plan complete?

Developing an operating plan is a WellCity requirement helps your wellness team be intentional about designing the program. During this process you:

  • Review your vision and mission.
  • Study results from the Health Questionnaire, interest surveys, participant evaluations, and other sources of data about your population, workplace, and program.
  • Revise long-term goals if appropriate.
  • Select activities for the year and set objectives.
  • Establish a timeline/calendar.
  • Develop a budget.
  • Identify communication strategies.
  • Develop an evaluation and reporting plan.

You’ll feel great!

Imagine how great it will feel to have your entire wellness year all mapped out and entered in eWellCity by the end of March! When the plan is complete share a copy with your leadership team and give employees a calendar of all the great wellness activities you have planned!

Register for Healthy Worksite Summit

The Healthy Worksite Summit, and our pre-conference, the WellCity Academy are a great way to get more ideas for your operating plan. Registration for both days is free for Trust members! You’ll come back from the training motivated and ready for action! Register now!