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Flu shot coverage - Regence & Asuris

On-site flu shots

You can use one of the flu shot vendors contracted with RBS/ANH for on-site services. You can also use a flu shot provider not on the list at your on-site flu shot clinic. The provider must bill the shots the same way they would if the member went to them. Here’s how:

  • Regence/Asuris contracted pharmacy
    If a local pharmacy comes on site to do a flu shot clinic, the shots are covered if billed using the insurance information (employees need to provide their ID card) and process the claims through the point of sale system at their pharmacy. All rates, terms and conditions of their pharmacy contract would apply.
  • Regence/Asuris contracted provider:
    If a local provider, such as a health clinic, comes onsite the shots are covered if billed by submitting the charges individually on a CMS 1500 form. Employees need to provide their ID card. (They cannot “Roster Bill”.) The pricing would default to the contracted rate in their Medical Group Agreement.

Flu shots at the pharmacy

If the member has their flu shot done at a local pharmacy, it is covered in full. For Regence/Asuris members, the pharmacy will take care of the billing.

Flu shots at the contracted physician's office

Flu shots are treated like any other immunization – no co-pay unless it is part of a larger office visit. Flu shots (and most other immunizations) fall under preventative medicine and are covered at 100% with no expense to you.