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Health Central can help employees manage their weight

Weight management is a common goal for New Year’s resolutions, and a healthy weight is important to overall health. As employees strive to meet their health goals, encourage them to use Health Central at awctrust.org as a guide.

Whether they’re interested in proper nutrition, improved fitness or learning how sleep relates to weight management, Health Central is an excellent resource.

Start with the basics

Encourage employees to take the Weight Assessment to learn how they can set achievable goals and reach their desired weight. Be sure to explain that for best results employees should take the Health Assessment first.

How to use the Weight Assessment

  • Direct employees to the Weight Assessment on Health Central. In just a couple of clicks, employees can take the weight assessment.
    • Login to Health Central
    • Click on Health Information
    • Under Health Topics, select All Topics
    • Choose Weight Management from the alphabetical list
    • On the Weight Management page, click on the Self Assessments tab
    • Take or Update the Weight Assessment
  • The one-page assessment asks employees to enter their height, weight, waist size, weight-loss goals and other information.
  • Once employees click “submit,” they will receive a clinical summary that provides health statistics for them at their current weight and utilizes information they’ve previously indicated in their Health Assessment to drive them toward successful weight management.
  • The results also include treatment information and recommended actions to manage weight.

My Health Assistant can help

For employees who decide they want additional help on their weight loss journey, My Health Assistant is another option. Just login to Health Central at awctrust.org. Click on Health Living, and choose My Health Assistant.

It offers employees daily guidance as well as tips from WebMD Health Coaches, and also allows them to track their progress.