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Health questionnaire management reports

The Health Questionnaire (HQ) Management Report is useful for helping you plan and evaluate your wellness program. These reports are generated toward the end of each year based on responses to the annual HQ. You can find your management report in eWellCity, at the WellCity Award menu > Documentation tab.

To protect individuals’ privacy, you must have at least 50 people complete the HQ in order to receive a management report that is specific to your employee population. If you have fewer than 50 HQ completers, you are grouped with another AWC Trust employer to reach the 50 completions necessary to generate the report.

If you had 50 or more completers in 2014 and those same 50 complete HQ in 2015, then you will have a second report loaded into eWellCity. This Cohort Report will compare results for employees and spouses who completed HQ in both years.

Also, if you have more than 50 employees complete the HQ, you can request a report of employee responses to custom questions AWC adds to WebMD’s HQ regarding workplace culture. Contact Niki at AWC for the culture report.

Here is a description of the HQ Management Report and some highlights to look for in your report, as provided by WebMD:

This report reviews the demographic profile, health risk prevalence rates, and self-reported conditions present in your population. This report also provides estimates of excess medical care costs associated with modifiable health risks in your population, as well as the financial impact of missed work and non-productive time at work.

By understanding the risk factors present in your population, you can plan interventions that target problem areas and help mitigate the costs associated with medical claims, productivity, and absenteeism.

Highlight 1: Executive summary

This page displays tables and graphs summarizing the number of respondents who have completed the HQ.

Highlight 2: Demographic summary

This page displays the breakdown of demographics for you population who completed the HQ and compares it to the WebMD Book of Business.

Highlight 3: Excess medical cost

This section displays the breakdown of per person annual excess cost by risk factor and the percentage of your population by modifiable risk and total annual per person excess medical costs.

Highlight 4: Absenteeism and presenteeism

This page displays the following key metrics: Missed days per person per year, annual per person cost of absenteeism, estimated % of lost time per person, and estimated annual per person cost of presenteeism.

Highlight 5: Recommendations

This page provides a list of best practices that you can incorporate into your program design that can help you achieve your goal of improving the health and wellness of your population.