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Have you met Marty? Learn why you need him for the 2016 WellCity Award

Have you met Marty? Learn why you need him for the 2016 WellCity Award

The 2016 WellCity Award deadline is right around the corner. All 39 requirements must be met by December 31, 2015. There’s a new requirement this year which features our friend Marty. Here are three important reminders to help ensure you don't miss any of this year’s WellCity requirements.

  1. 50% HQ completion – Check your up to date HQ completion rates at the bottom of the WellCity Award/Point Summary tab in eWellCity. You need a total of 50% of your total employees and spouses combined to meet standard 8.4.
    1. DO NOT rely on paper HQ's to push your numbers over the top. Many paper HQ's that are given out are never returned, or are returned incomplete and don't get processed. If they aren't processed by 12/31, they are not included in your HQ count for 2015.
    2. DO NOT wait until the holidays to get your last few HQ completions. Plan for happy and stress-free holidays by hitting 50% before Thanksgiving. This is especially important if you have many first time or inexperienced Health Central users who may need help with password retrieval or access codes.
    3. DO check out our webinar Health Questionnaire: Gathering Meaningful Data for tips on promoting HQ.
    4. DO use our colorful Find Your Healthy Place promotional materials, promotion plan and FAQ's to promote HQ.
  2. Healthy Decisions is a NEW requirement this year – Standard 8.5 requires that you present one of the Trust's new Healthy Decisions sessions to a group of employees. Check our website for the 15-minute elearning sessions, facilitator’s guides and handouts.
  3. Check the WellCity Standards – to be sure you have covered all 39 required items by December 31, 2015. Once they have been entered into eWellCity you'll find a bright green checkmark on the Award Detail Report. You have through February 1 to complete your application in eWellCity. Final review of applications will begin on February 2.

Call or email Jon, Julie or Niki if you any questions about the requirements.