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Open enrollment dates and SBC distribution

All employees covered on Trust health plans recently received an open enrollment mailing at their home. The mailer refers people back to their HR Departments for details specific to their jurisdiction – for example timelines for when the forms are due.

Employer requirement – distribute SBC

One of the requirements of open enrollment is that you distribute the annual Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) for medical coverage on or before your first day of open enrollment. These documents are now posted in the Benefits section of our website and can be distributed manually or electronically.

When is open enrollment? It’s up to you!

Employers typically work backwards from the Trust’s due dates when setting open enrollment dates.

  • All open enrollment changes are effective 1/1/2016
  • The Trust accepts open enrollment forms any time after 10/1/2015
  • The Trust will accept open enrollment forms until 12/31/2015

Although the timelines are up to you, the date the Trust gets your open enrollment forms has impacts to you.

  • Forms received by December 1 will definitely be reflected on your January invoice
  • Forms received by December 11 might be reflected on your January invoice
  • Forms received on or after December 14 are unlikely to be reflected on your January invoice. While the form will still be accepted, you will need to make a manual adjustment when you process the bill.

Work backwards

To get forms by December 11 (or whichever date you choose), you would need to receive them from employees no later than ____________. Communicate this forms deadline to your employees.