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Third quarter WellCity checkpoints: Standard 8

If you’re working this year to earn the 2016 WellCity Award and premium discount make sure you’re on track to meet these requirements:

  1. Healthy Decisions (8.5)
    This is a new requirement. You must show at least one of the Trust’s newly developed Healthy Decisions sessions. Healthy Decisions is a campaign to empower employees to become active participants in their own health and health care. Through a series of short educational sessions, employees will learn how to maintain and improve their health and to make sure they are getting quality health care. Log in to get the materials and watch the 15 minute eLearning session. More
  2. 50% HQ participation (Standard 8.4)
    Check your up-to-date HQ participation in eWellCity at the WellCity Award menu, Documentation tab. Be sure to use all the HQ promotion resources in your HQ Coordinator Kit. Login to eWellCity.
  3. Behavior Change activity (Standard 8.3)
    Behavior Change activities offer opportunities to set health goals, learn new information and practice new skills, and monitor progress toward new healthy habits over time. Examples include 6 – 8 week wellness campaigns (like Tasty Twist, Red Light – Green Light, or Healthy Habits for Life) and ongoing programs like weekly exercise classes or Weight Watchers at Work. See a listing of the Trust’s campaigns. More
  4. Motivation activity (Standard 8.2)
    Motivation activities offer participants personalized health information (such as health screenings, ergonomics assessments, blood pressure checks), learning a new skill (maybe breathing exercises or a healthy cooking demonstration), or instruction about a health topic (a speaker or movie about stress, hearth health, or any appropriate health topic).
  5. Awareness activity (Standard 8.1)
    Awareness activities simply make health information available to employees. Examples include poster campaigns, regular email health tips, employee newsletters, distributing pamphlets on health topics, wellness bulletin boards.
  6. Activity for a targeted group (Standard 8.8)
    This standard asks you to offer an activity especially for a group that typically doesn’t participate in other wellness activities, or a group that has high risk or special needs in some area. Use your participation data or HQ management report to identify a group and design an appropriate activity with them in mind. Hint: One of your activities used to satisfy 8.1, 8.2 or 8.3, may also count for 8.8.

Stay on the path to WellCity
Here are some reminders to keep you on the path to WellCity:

  • As you complete activities, make sure you enter the required information in eWellCity.
  • For a complete review of your current progress be sure to check your Award Detail Report in eWellCity’s Reports menu.
  • Use the eWellCity Roadmap for guidance about where to enter specific information in eWellCity.
  • All requirements for the 2016 WellCity Award must be completed during the 2015 calendar year.
  • WellCity applications must be completed and submitted in eWellCity by February 1, 2016.